Sustainability at Sheebeen

Sheebeen makes every effort to be pro-earth and sustainable. So first and foremost, we want to invite you to make suggestions as to ways we can improve our sustainability, we are always open to ideas and will continue to make switches to innovate for a better future. SO, what are we doing now? Here’s a list of some of our sustainable practices:

    • More than half the material used in our fabric products comes from a second hand source or a recycling centre
    • We use a custom cutter so that our jewellery packaging cards can be made from re-used card; that is why you may find inconsistency in the colours of our backing card. We use what is available from the recycling centre rather than buying new card to suit a brand colour-way.
    • We deliver in pulp paper padded envelopes
    • Re-used bubble wrap, any bubble wrap you receive with you order is re-used from packaging we have received- you can recycle this in Tesco’s soft plastic recycling bins if you have no further use for it.
    • We use brown paper sourced from a waste recycling facility in our packaging
    • Paper honeycomb wrap instead of bubble wrap ( when we run out of wrap to re-use) 
    • Tissue paper used in packaging is re-used from another source when possible.
    • We use biodegradable cellulose bags to package our paper plants, these do need a more rigid structure around them than paper can provide.
    • We use Irish suppliers whenever possible to minimise fuel miles and support our communities
    • We allow local pick-up in Dublin 14 by arrangement. This cuts out packaging and postal involvement.