About Sheebeen

Sheebeen is a haven of little curiosities, new and old. It has been the product of a lifetime of fascination with craft and vintage, and a more recent passion for shopping Irish & eco-consciously. I'm Edana Gorham, and I ( finally ) founded Sheebeen in early 2021 as a merging of my handmade shop The Sailmaker's Daughter, and my vintage collection, YesterHere Vintage. 

Sheebeen also incorporates the new element of paper design. I genuinely love seeing the fantastical things that can be shaped from a few sheets of coloured paper. It's been my medium of choice for many occasions, from wedding bouquets to house plants. So Sheebeen is also bringing oodles of paper products, from plastic free faux plants to party decor. 

Thanks for checking out Sheebeen, be sure to browse to your hearts content.




Based in Churchtown, Dublin 14

Contact: sailmakersdaughter@gmail.com